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Origins of Vitality Nutrition

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Why I am who I am now, with the practice I specialise in.


The origins of health, before it was a subject of science. The DNA and energy within our control to manipulate and enhance for vitality. The birth right of health and energy is in our hands. 

The years of my life leading up to the passion/profession of health and nutrition have been

a roller coaster of great health and disease. Both had to be experienced in order to identify

what the body is capable of and what direction each procedure or diet led to.

Currently writing this preface with 4 years of nutritional and holistic work experience under

my belt, sat here at 27 years young with a lean, strong and glowing body. All beginning with

the pursuit of bodybuilding, consuming large amounts of carbohydrates and animal protein

daily to achieve an aesthetic physique. Health was not important until I started to realise the

bigger I became and the more I ate, the worse I felt. Consuming man-made supplements as

my organs suffered and I failed to react to the subtle signs given off in my appearance and


Hunting had been a big part of my life, I left bodybuilding to pursue a functional lean body

in which I had the strength to navigate land/sea and endure the elements, and so my relationship to food changed. I started to consume foods purely from the land and eating game fish, a more Paleo/Atkins diet with high protein and fats, but still a lot of carbs from non-grain sources. During this, I lived on the island of Barbados, where the fruits I ate were from the island trees and bushes.

The importance of organic and wild foods started to be high on my priorities, this leads to

studying the effects of commercial farming and the many dangerous chemicals added to all

our food.


At this point, the need to consume as close to source with no interference of man was a big

deal to me. I spent time with a Rastafarian living by one of Barbados natural springs and began learning about his farming on the fertile land. Farming practices which had no rigidity or intensive control, eating stewed vegetables/fruits over a naked fire in the jungle, and although frail, this Rastafarian was full of energy in his old age.

With the Vegan propaganda emerging at the time in full strength, I began thinking it was the

right way to go, as although I felt great and strong with what I was eating, my skin and hormones were not great. Then I went deep into a spiritual egoism where I wanted to save the planet and thought I was smarter and better than those that were not aware at the time. So a 2-year journey into strict veganism with a mixture of raw foods and cooked plant-based meals began.

That relationship to food began well as I cleared my body of the processed foods and chemicals I had eaten before. Reaching the end of the 2nd year, my skin was worse than ever, hunger was a constant battle and hormones were even worse. Loss of libido and vitality was highly noticeable as I struggled to find balance with all the vegetables and fruits I consumed daily.

Things had to change! Being from South America, Ayurveda had always appealed to me and

knowledge gained from the herbalist bushmen in the Caribbean needed to be put to the test.

The study of our organs in relation to herbs and sacred geometry/energy began….Only to

also fail, for targeting a specific area and treating the symptoms of a particular issue does not remove the underlying issue.

Frustrated with a wealth of knowledge and a certification in Nutrition, I began to think it’s all

genetic and there’s not much we can do about certain issues we have, we are all different and

organic food is the same everywhere. My skin problems and hormones would resolve once I

got older, kept at exercising and lived a positive healthy life.

What I thought was healthy was what we are told is healthy by professionals, that were just

winging what they thought was healthy without diversity in their experience and science.

What is called an Allopathic approach, plus many of these approaches come with biased agendas all in the act of capitalism.

From here is when the importance of pure factual science with recorded experience is only

what I cared for, not titles such as Naturopath, Homeopathy or Ayurvedic doctor. All use Allopathic systems covered up under what they call natural methods, but medicine even if natural does not ultimately solve the problems. They are good at the intense moment for possible relief, but not curing an imbalance, for 5 humans may have the same issue, but each humans issue is made up of different combinations of imbalances within.


This led to the study of biochemical individuality and physiology, understanding all our

organs react differently to different foods, different timings and our shapes are as different

within as external appearances. Along with different lifestyle factors that can control our

physiology, our environments have an effect on us physically and mentally and all have to be

taken into account. Drinking turmeric tea, being stressed at work, rubbing an oil on your skin

to relax, breathing in city pollution and then eating organic plant-based...Won’t solve your

deepest issues built up over years.

After understanding the science of the human body, it was time to dive into the history of the

human body and its many healthy past civilisations and “uncivilised” tribes of native wildlands. Travels in Egypt taught of fasting for healing and so my long fasting experience began into what is now called intermittent fasting. Studying major historical icons from Greece, Egypt, Siberia, UK and Asia, it was clear to see that all of their approaches dealt with the body holistically and so I became a Chek Holistic Life Coach in order to understand what outside of nutrition needed to be accomplished in order for the nutrition to work.

Origins of Vitality Nutrition is now Primal Patterns Nutrition and Holistic Coaching. Bringing forth the origins of healthy existence with modern holistic protocols to give the human

animal body the space to function with vitality.

Based from proven/factual science, looking only at how and why the body works the way it does, along with historical evidence of the demise of human health and the points of our most disease-free thriving existence.

This is a guide to open your mind to what it really means to be a healthy human-animal removed from nature and fighting to exist in a world designed to eat us. There is nothing within this book that I do not practice myself, for I would not allow the past 4 years of my life that have led to me healing myself and feeling excellent to go to waste. May you achieve your goals and thrive with vitality when able to apply the science/protocols in this book.  


The segment this blog is made up of, is the intro to the Ebook To Thrive With Vitality.

if want to read further into the science and the subjects the ebook covers, head over to ebook page where you can digitally download the ebook for £6,50. 


You won’t regret the time spent reading and learning the material. 95 pages of to the point explanation, experience and guides to begin your journey into Ketosis and maybe even a carnivore relationship to food. Of course with included Holistic Protocols.