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I broke both my wrists at the same time 3 years ago. What happened within my body and the swift pace of recovery, gave me in-depth experience with the science and historical evidence I already knew. From that point on, fine tuning the protocols and going deeper into the science, has led to the same incredible swift recovery from many different types of injuries and in many different types of people.

Breaking both my wrists from this fall, rushed into a rare and complicated surgery. In casts for 5 months and 4 months full recovery. Carpal tunnel decompression, all small wrist bones shattered and pinned down, a screw into my radius. The right wrist, shattered clean and needed no surgery.

So how did I go from a bulk 84kg, down to 70kg in 5 months and back to 80kg in 4 months? 




So you can see the differences in my body composition, I stayed lean,  but lost a lot of muscle and of course my nervous system also lost strength gains/movement patterns.

Is there anything you can do to reduce strength loss and muscle loss? Well we know at 14 days in stagnant, the body will start to lose muscle mass and strength. So the only focus should be recovering the tissues as quickly as possible, to allow some comfortable movement and start some contractions in the muscle.

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So why is muscle mass so important and connected to longevity, injuries give us a lot of insight into how important muscle mass is. 

Not only does good muscle mass reduce the amount of damage from impact, it keeps your bones dense. The doctors told me that because my wrist and arms were so well built up, it stopped my elbows and shoulders from being damaged from the way I landed, the wrists were strong enough to absorb all the shock/force from the fall. 

But now the science of what is happening within -


The body used a lot of the muscle tissue and fatty marrow stores I created from being Keto/Primal over 3 years. Even though during recovery I was consistently replenishing with more animal products from biodynamic pork, beef, and raw dairy, it was much faster for my body to utilise my own stores as I rested to deliver repairing components at the scene of trauma.

Upon coming out of surgery I fasted 72 hours, this was to allow my liver to clean the anaesthetic, morphine and other drugs used by the surgeons. Also as we know some fasting stress promotes growth hormone into the bloodstream, so I intermittently fasted every morning, did long walks to promote further growth hormone and medicated pain with smoking marijuana. Marijuana’s slightly reduces testosterone when smoked, but is also a homesis that promotes slight stress, this raises metabolism and gets the body working. 

If you are constantly bombarding your body with food during an injury, your body will be dealing with breaking that food down, rather than time spent on the immune system and managing inflammation/angiogenesis. It’s not that you have to eat little, I ate a lot at each meal, all of the fats/high cholesterol, protein, calcium and phenolic compounds. But this was all within 1 big meal or 2, 6 hours apart and after 12-14 hours fasted.

We know that having a great abundance of carnatine/carnosine/tryptophan will make excellent lean muscle mass (all found in red meat) and high cholesterol will allow intercellular carry through into your bones to make healthy marrow. Along with sunshine vitamin d and calcium from raw dairy and meat, your bones will create more tissue and harden faster.

By consistently building up your bone marrow stores with building blocks (amino acids, calcium, and pre cursors to hormones/IGF1) on daily basis, you will maximise the response to quick recovery. Your osteoclasts, osteoblasts, osteocytes will be able to quickly breakdown/reabsorb the bone while constructing from the stores right there at the site. This means quick reaction, breakdown of harmed tissue and immediate rebuild. Much like firefighters having a large source of water right at the site of a fire to combat the fire.

This also applies to starvation, where the more muscle mass you carry, the more energy production you will have to survive for longer. Why do older long term vegans suffer a lot of injuries and do not recover well? Well that’s because during their many years, they have been getting by, by eating away at their marrow stores to cope with fuelling the body and building it up from stress. So when they have a breakage, the bone cells have nothing immediate to draw from and need to go through the longer process of breaking it down from food, storing and then utilising.


Apart from the real foods I eat, I also incorporated the fastest growing bone in the animal kingdom and raised my growth hormone. Deer Antler Velvet spray from @buckedupsupps


I suggest incorporating this for performance and healing, more minerals flushed into your marrow the better.   Head to my IG - @origins.nutrition for USA and UK discounts on this product, and read more about how to recover and dosages in Ancestral Recovery Ebook. 

I suggest incorporating this for performance and healing, more minerals flushed into your marrow the better. 

Head to my IG - @origins.nutrition for USA and UK discounts on this product, and read more about how to recover and dosages in Ancestral Recovery Ebook.