Origins of Vitality Nutrition

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A perspective on how we can benefit our relationship to food and the planet for all our healths.

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The Century of Self.

The 21st century has carried on the work of the 20th century ideas/strategies, by this we mean a population based on consumerism of goods, and ranked at the top of course is food, we all eat and drink.

The people have forgotten where food comes from, the producers have forgotten nature is intelligent and has balance, believing it needs taming, managing and altering to our benefit. We see ourselves as separate from natures rhythm and no longer a species of animal perfectly able to thrive within the planets cleverly mapped eco system.

Now we see the rise of multiple diet labels/dogma with actions of trying to take control as the ultimate authority and truth over Nutrition. These dangerous movements filled with personal agendas and fake science, now confuse the masses. Further pocketing from growing followers and selling beliefs/ideas that are generally accompanied by certain "superfoods" and supplements to help..

Is the human animal created to be the worst animal, so weak and lacking the intelligence to tell what foods are good for them and unable to heal its own physical vessel through natures provisions / own evolutionary genetic heritage?

Just think about it.

What we are going to speak of is in relation to nature / science / history / physiology / biochemistry / biology / biodynamics / permaculture and most important above all knowledge regurgitated... Experience! 


Our Food.

Can be produced alongside nature, in fact the nutrition is far more nutritious and bioavailable to use with no harm.

Biodynamic / Permaculture are not only sustainable but heal the Earth by rejuvenating the soil, so much so that the soil not only feeds us, but important microbes/bacteria and many small species. The connection to biodiversity in vegetation, insects and animals allows a farm to not intrude with nature, but much easily allow nature to manage the wellbeing of all its children. Permaculture demonstrates how effective biodiversity can be, they lack need in harmful chemicals  and fertilisers. With the use of Domesticated animals ( a skill/relationship we used to our growth in the Agrarian revolution ), the soil is turned over, and the animals waste as they roam freely feeds the soil and insects. The wild birds control the vegetation eating insects.

Wild springs and rivers are used to nurture the soils and crops, without receiving chemical and natural pollutants back.

Yes these are much smaller scale than commercial farming. Perhaps the problem is not being small scale, but teaching ourselves we do not need to consume the amount we do, also look at why we allow population to keep expanding and creating more ways to consume.

How we Consume

Is based on the science of the human bodies many chemical reactions and the energetic sciences of the planet. Along side this we encompass Primal Patterns. Our healthiest civilisations and tribes, patterns of eating and food as medicine / medicinal knowledge.

As mentioned we are told we need certain calories, "superfoods", supplements and a few square meals a day with a broad selection of varying macros to be healthy or successful in sports.

This is clearly not true for we have had the science and historical evidence for many years, now on top of that, more precise and up to date tests which show the same results as before. The further we look into our history, the clearer we become on why the rise of disease and nutritional dysfunction is prominent in our societies of today.

We eat the way we do today for we are an aesthetic society, where those that look aesthetically pleasing are deemed to be healthy and are used to exploit the population who believes eating lots and drinking lots of junk processed foods will make them healthy and look well to feel better about themselves.

A rise of a Fit looking, unhealthy people. Promoting eating constantly throughout the day and supplementation to carry on such poor, ill making habits.


The Genetic Intelligence 

Is hardwired in all of us, we may all react differently to different foods, but our survival mechanisms that make us thrive with health and vitality are all the same.

The body has hormones, chemical processes and a nervous system that regulates themselves, all of this occurs autonomically. This is because the human body is incredibly intelligent and sophisticated, to allow us to just think about the present moment and survival tasks at hand.  

Growth Hormone is key for rejuvenation and growth, we achieve great GH levels with three needs of the body which are in our conscious control. 1 Fasting, fasting intermittently and seasonably deep fasting gives the body space to autophagise and clean/repair old malignant cells that have been affected from stress. By eating less, not only do we repair better, feel lighter, live longer and normalise all systems. But we demand less from Earth and allow space for Earth to thrive (imagine if everyone ate less and felt better, would there be less pollution from trafficking produce and less pressure on Earth for the space needed to grow our food?).

2 Essential Fats, essential meaning we can not produce them alone with out intaking from our food. Fats omega 3 & 6 regulate our cholesterol, all our cells thrive on cholesterol, they were designed to help us fuel activity and reproduce. Fats allow our bodies organs to detox and be free, but also store many fat soluble nutrients (phenolic compounds) for later use. Of course any processed fats are not food and will cause you harm.

3 Essential Aminos, the acids that are used from broken down proteins. There is a reason the human body has cravings for Protein and Fat, but too much will turn back to Glucose. The body can carry a teaspoon amount of sugar in the blood and around 200g of glucose in the liver (size of liver depending). Too much protein, especially out of a healthy fat burning state will become glucose again via gluconeogenesis.

When we stick to healthy fats and proteins, we eat less for we are satiated for longer by the density of their calories and the reaction of the bodies ability to tap into fat stores and use old cells for energy also.

Sugar in the wild is eaten minimally and seasonably, mostly via low glycemic fruits/dried roots and the rare treat of high vibrational honey and pollen.

Sugar (Carbohydrates) disrupts our bloods natural balance and makes us crave more food than we intuitively know we need. A cycle of disaster begins when there is no control in sugar intake. Water follows sugar and dehydrates parts of the body, at the same time engaging stress response hormones that disable your systems main goal of balance and repair. The body does not differentiate between different sugars, just some release quicker and others are accompanied by more fibre.. They still wreak havoc the same way and cause further cravings as blood sugars rise and fall during activity.

There is much more in depth science to these principles, if you wish to know more, head over to Contact and drop us a line.