Origins of Vitality Nutrition

Ancestral Nutrition & Holistic Coaching

I lost 8kg in just over a week, no more bloating and discomfort. Eating foods I have learnt are good for me and to my taste, eating so much less/naturally and my energy is through the roof!
— Current Client from Brighton UK

The Idea/Basis

Every Human being is different on the inside as they are on the outside when it comes to physical matter, we mean by this that our internal systems differ greatly to one another on many factors.

A one size fits all approach can not deliver health across the globe, for your birthplace, heritage, genetic constitutions and bacteria are completely unique to you. We must cover all of them.

How did it all come together?

After studying Nutrition and Bodybuilding for mens physique, I came to realise my health was not optimum and what I had learnt in my opinion is poor allopathic practices with biased/false Science (currently the norm).

I carried on studying while experiencing different methods from alternative practices, by travelling and studying local ways of nutrition that go back many ancestors of us Humans. We call this Primal Patterns, simplifying our relationship to food and relating it to nature holisticaly. 

What is Origins of Vitality?

We are Nutrition & Holistic Coaches.

That means we look at the entire unique body holistically, we do not focus on symptoms but aim to search for the underlaying root issues causing your body's systems to react. Nutrition and Lifestyle habits are the greatest factors in your wellbeing or demise.

Altering your food and macro balance to suit your needs better and as to what your body is calling out for. Changing lifestyle habits that are affecting you negatively and replacing with holistic protocol that can help reverse many chronic issues.