Origins of Vitality Nutrition

Ancestral Nutrition & Holistic Coaching

Calisthenics & Raw Movement Coaching


Personal Coaching for Kids & Adults

Sessions tailored to your goals and interest within bodyweight and freestyle movements.

Gain the confidence to back flip and then proceed learning with numerous progressions to open up new skill sets in acrobatics and freedom of movement.

Conquer the MuscleUp and progress your strength onto other gravity defying strength holds as we overcome each weakness and strengthen the body/mind 

Or just build yourself a solid core and lean muscle by learning how to execute strength exercises with out injury for weekly progression in our goals.

The programs contain descriptions of movement warm ups and reasoning behind (terminology), some mobility which is unique to you and the movements aimed at achieving.

A grid with dedicated days and rest days/ active rest exercises to recover optimally and reduce risk of injury or nervous system fatigue.

Within each exercise outlined, a private link attached of a video to the exercises to see how performed.

Check ins are once a week via email, but WhatsApp msg to ask questions for immediate help are within coaching time. Expected are you to film movements at 1st and progress in the movements for me to analyse each week and decided how to fine tune the movements further.

Basic equipment needed are either a pull up bar or gymnastic rings which can be travelled with and hung anywhere, the rest is on the floor or you can also purchase some very small travel lite parralettes (I have a great a cheap source for these that delivers world wide). All bodyweight or if access to a gym some weighted bodyweight. The reps and sets are programmed to your level after an assessment by video.

Programs can be tuned to 3 days training a week or 5.

3 days a week for 6 week cycle is - £450 every 6 weeks.

5 days a week for 6 week cycle is - £600 every 6 week

8 Week cycle is more demanding but better for acquiring skills rather than just basic strength. - £800

Please let me know if any further questions I may have not answered,